La Honda Educational Foundation Fundraising Event

Had a wonderful time playing at the La Honda Educational Foundation Fundraiser at the beautiful La Honda Gardens in La Honda.

This district has taken its school funding into its own hands! The state of California is pretty much worthless for school funding. Especially extra curricular activities. If it ain’t on the STAR test, the program is CUT!

To me this is devastating. I think art, music, PE, nature, and foreign language are critical in our kids education. Apparently the state of California disagrees.


The La Honda School district has a wonderful garden program where children ages 5-10 learn to grow organic food, basic nature skills, and reinforce math and science skills in a real life setting. This is huge! Hardly any kids learn by sitting at a desk all day and being lectured at. With modern society people are being drawn closer to desks and computer screens and further from their natural environment; the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, technology is wonderful, but there needs to be a balance. And kids need to spend time outside!


I want to see more programs like the Garden Program at La Honda Elementary all across the country. Get kids back outside and learning! Childhood shouldn’t be spent filling in little grey dots on a scantron! 


Of course all of these programs are privately funded. So please take time to check out the website:

Donate, or attend a fundraising event. Talk to your local school district about extra curricular activities and get involved! Because unfortunately the government’s primary concern is numbers and not quality learning. 


Peace and Love,

Heather Scarlett

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