New Album, La Diva del Canto, Released!

I am SO happy to announce that my first Latin album with the Gold Band is finally released as of November 2015! I’m really excited to have produced my first production in Spanish. I’ve always loved Latin music and am so grateful for the chance to play with the Gold Band and to produce this project.

Links with the album to be posted soon!

Peace and Love,


Great Show at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin!

Had a wonderful time playing the “Coffee House” series at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin. It is truly amazing the healing powers of music and music therapy. I met so many inspinring people last night with amazing stories. I’m so happy I got to be a part of their event.


Learn more about the Center for Music Therapy at:


Peace and Love,

Heather S. Rose

Back to Recording!

Hello Heather fans!

I know, I know, I’ve been extremely busy (and a little out of touch) while studying Physics and Acoustics at UT Austin. But I am back in SF for winter break and finishing up some exciting recording projects!

Zamora Rose is wrapping up their second album (to be released early 2015) that I am co-producing and editing. Gold Band will be releasing their debut album in early 2015, which I am also producing, and editing, and singing on! And finally, I have been recording with a good friend in Austin Gabriel Venegas, and he will be releasing some single tracks in 2015.

All very exciting stuff! Stay tuned for new recordings!


Peace, love and Happy Holidays!

Heather S. Rose