I love my country, but there is one thing that disappoints me that I can’t seem to get off my mind.

I think one of the biggest things that this country lacks is a profound sense of appreciation. We’re always focusing on gaining more, and we rarely take a moment to step back, look at what we have, and appreciate it. Recognize that everything you think is “a given” or “expected” can be taken away at any moment.

All the artists who work so hard to create and to support themselves while they do it can say “No. I won’t give away my work anymore”, and much of the beauty made from human hands will be gone. If all the volunteers said “No, I won’t put my free time in anymore” so many services to the needy and misfortune would stop. So many do so much work for mankind, and all they ask in return is recognition and moral support. Instead of this they are ignored.

Please take a moment to sit back, stop thinking about what you want, and think about what you have and what others have done for you. Think of all the opportunities that are within your grasp that cannot even be fathomed by many overseas. We are very lucky, remember that. And at any moment it can all be taken away.


So today, and everyday, be thankful.


Thank you for supporting me and my music. I truly appreciate you 🙂



Heather Scarlett

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