Great Show at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin!

Had a wonderful time playing the “Coffee House” series at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin. It is truly amazing the healing powers of music and music therapy. I met so many inspinring people last night with amazing stories. I’m so happy I got to be a part of their event.


Learn more about the Center for Music Therapy at:


Peace and Love,

Heather S. Rose

Open Mic at Ten Oak in Austin TX!

Just went to my first open mic at the

Ten Oak in Austin on Monday!

Shout out to Ronnie for being such a great host! This place is awesome in that they give you a free drink if you play!

I also love that the performers play outside on the patio. This way it doesn’t get too loud, and you can hear the music wander down the streets. Very cool vibe, looking forward to playing here again!


Peace and love,

Heather S. Rose