Rockin’ the County Fair!

Last night was awesome playing at the Shopping Expo at the San Mateo County Fair. Ken Voorhis (Redwood City local singer songwriter) opened up the stage and then I played for an hour. Nice crowd.

Then I got to check out the rest of the fair with my mom. Ate some delicious Greek food for super, yum! Checked out my mom’s quilts being featured in the quilt Gallery. She won 2nd place in Embroidery Quilts, go mom!

Lovely evening all around. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

Big thanks to Ken Voorhis,  Katye Van De Mark and all the folks at the Fine Arts Galleria for making this happen!

Today I’ll be heading down to Pescadero to play the lovely Pescadero Country Store. That’s always a fun gig. I’ll be there from 12-2:30. 


Have a wonderful weekend everybody. And happy Father’s Day!


Peace and Love,

Heather Scarlett

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