Raising Money for the Kiddies!

Had a great gig at the Farallone View Elementary silent auction on Saturday! I really love being able to do my part to help make a difference in my community’s children’s schooling experience. As a music teacher, I truly believe that education is one of the most important parts of life, especially for children. On Saturday we worked to raise money to support music, art and p.e. programs for our local elementary school. I’m really glad my music helped contribute to that.


I believe that education can change someone’s life. I also believe everyone has the right to affordable, quality education. Which is why I frequently donate to the World Concern Education Fund to provide basic education to girls in Africa and the Middle East, who otherwise would not receive free education beyond elementary school level. Education can provide opportunity, to people of all race, gender and religious backgrounds. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ample opportunities at local community colleges alone for self improvement and for developing marketable skills that can help people excel in the work market.


I urge elementary, middle school and high school teachers to stay enthusiastic and to keep kids excited about going to school. Humans are naturally curious, and kids love to learn. Given the right surroundings, they will commit to learning on their own when they are encouraged and associate learning with growth, self improvement and fun.


Let’s all be teachers and do what we can to keep kids enthusiastic about learning and to keep kids in school. Whether this means donating your time to work with students, leading activities the state won’t pay for, or simply being there to listen and guide a student when they or lost. Everyone can do something. Investing in quality public education is the best thing we can do for society.

Never stop learning.


Peace and Love,

Heather S. Rose