Recording the New Album!

I am very happy to say that last weekend me and the band completed the recording of the drums and bass for my new album!
This is a BIG step in the recording process. The guys and I (Jay Van Dyke on drums and Matt Roads on bass) worked for about a month on setting the right groove for each song. Doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you throw at it. If the groove isn’t there, the whole song suffers. I feel very relieved having completed this major step. Now recording the rest of the album will be a breeze.

Next step, recording guitars!
For this step I’ll be doing a lot of experimentation. I’ll be recording the guitars at my home studio, so I’ll have more time to explore my different options. I have a lot of guitars, and each one has its own unique sound. So playing around to see which guitars will fit best on which songs will be fun!

Peace and Love,
Heather S. Rose

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