Balance Between Movement and Stillness

Hello all!

I have been reading an amazing book called “The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings” by Thich Nhat Hanh and I would like to share somethings I’ve learned and come to realize in my readings.

There is a peace that exists within all of us. Some are more in tune with it than others, but it is still there. We all come from the same force; energy. It’s the fuel that makes us move, breathe, feel and think. Energy is what separates us from the dead. Death is when energy leaves our bodies and transforms into the atmosphere to find a new home. Energy can be vibrant like a playful child, or still like a lily in the pond.

Nature has its natural cycle of energy. With birth in the spring, vibrance and movement in the summer, relaxation in the fall, and stillness in winter. Nature lives inside of us all, whether we ignore it or not.

Happiness can only exist where there is a balance between movement and stillness. The world turns, pulling us into momentum. Sometimes we feel the need to run ahead of the turning of the world, with our problems constantly chasing us. One of the hardest, yet simplest lessons we must learn, is to practice stillness. To move with the turning of the earth without resistance. Not to worry about progress, but for a moment, to observe, be still and accept things as they are.

There is a wisdom within each of us. When we are still we can hear our own voice that will guide us, and tell us where to go.

So move when it’s time to move, be still when it’s time to be still, practice balance and you will find happiness.

Peace and Love,
Heather Scarlett

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