The Little Things We Take for Granted

“The United Nations reports that just 43 percent of girls in developing nations attend secondary school — in large part because of poor access to feminine hygiene products that could make it easier for them to attend school during their so-called ‘week of shame.’ ”

I read this today in a Forbes article about THINX reusable panties and it made me very sad. Luckily, there are non-profits out there working to provide girls in developing countries safe and sustainable options:

It’s amazing the little things we take for granted.

Sustainability in All Aspects of Life

I’ve recently been considering a diet change. There are so many “ideal” diets out there. But the real question is, are any of them really sustainable? This had me thinking, any major change in life can’t happen if it isn’t realistically sustainable.
Not just diets, or exercise plans. But jobs, schedules, hobbies, etc. Can I really pursue this career for the next 30+ years without it tearing me apart? Am I going to grow from this relationship, or will it eventually break me? Can I really afford shopping for new dresses at Ross every other weekend? Is this pursuit really in the best interest of my well being?
Not just in our personal lives either. Every product we buy, every service we purchase also must be sustainable. When I was buying produce the other day at the grocery store, I realized that every produce item I bought, I used a new plastic bag for. Is this really necessary? Luckily I soon discovered re-usable produce bags. Making me feel a little better about not contributing as much to the Texas sized trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean.
I realized that for every decision we make in our lives, big or small, it’s important to keep sustainability in the back of our minds. Not just for our own lives, but for our planet and the creatures who live on it without a voice.
Peace and Love,
Heather S. Rose

Spring is Here!

Spring is my favorite time of year! The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up and everyone seems to be in a better mood! Get outside and soak in some Vitamin D everybody.

Hoping the sunshine will inspire some new sounds 🙂



Bark for Life!

Had a great time playing with Kevy Nova and Randy Bales at the

“Bark for Life!” fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Held at Cameron’s Pub in Half Moon Bay, friends and pups gathered to help raise money for a great cause. As it goes, the “Relay for Life” event does not allow pets. So they’ve made a special event “Bark for Life!” that is designed just for pet owners to bring their pets to this fundraising event and to honor canine companions who help those suffering from cancer.

Big thanks to all those who came out. Special thanks to Cameron Palmer for providing the space and the food!


You can still donate at:


Get more info at:


In other news, tomorrow I will be playing from 4-6 at Grape in the Fog in Pacifica. Always a fun gig!

Come down and join me! 21+, no cover (please leave a donation for the music).


Have a wonderful weekend!


Peace and Love,

Heather Scarlett