Sustainability in All Aspects of Life

I’ve recently been considering a diet change. There are so many “ideal” diets out there. But the real question is, are any of them really sustainable?┬áThis had me thinking, any major change in life can’t happen if it isn’t realistically sustainable. Not just diets, or exercise plans. But jobs, schedules, hobbies, etc.┬áCan I really pursueContinue reading “Sustainability in All Aspects of Life”

Great Show at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin!

Had a wonderful time playing the “Coffee House” series at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin. It is truly amazing the healing powers of music and music therapy. I met so many inspinring people last night with amazing stories. I’m so happy I got to be a part of their event.   Learn moreContinue reading “Great Show at the Center for Music Therapy in Austin!”